A Spa you can recall when you need it most

Our spa strives to give you a lasting experience, one that will relax and revive your senses, and one that you can recall in stressful times.

We use organic and biodynamically grown plant based products. We are very particular about the herbs, minerals, lotions, and oils that touch your skin.

Our therapists and estheticians have been carefully hand-selected based on their conscious therapeutic touch, knowledge of the body, and passion for healing.

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Spa Hours
Open Daily 9am-8pm

352 E Meadow Drive, Vail, CO 81657

Signature Treatments
Our renowned treatments go beyond a sensual journey and are provided by our most experienced practitioners. Many treatments include soaks in organic herbal rich mud or aromatic bath oils for nourishing the skin. All guarantee a deep state of relaxation. These treatments will stay with you.  Spa menu >
Dr. Hauschka Facial
Transcend the ordinary with this holistic approach to caring for the skin. This treatment incorporates the unique lymphatic stimulation, which is the heart and soul of the Dr. Hauschka method. Our signature facial is designed to restore the underlying health and function of the skin. Spa menu >


Spring is the perfect time to experience one of Vail, Colorado’s most relaxing and peaceful spa’s. Replenish your vitality in our solarium overlooking Gore Creek and Vail Mountain in its splendor and soak up the warm sun.  Sip a cup of hydrating tea while reading uplifting and entertaining material or journal, nap or meditate. Call 970-476-7960 to schedule a spa appointment.

Vail Vitality Spring Specials


A powerful component to overall wellness, massage therapies decrease anxiety, improve energy and vitality, and enhance quality of sleep. Tension seems to seep away as you enter a realm of peacefulness.


Our facials heal and balance skin that has been compromised by aggressive treatment or harsh environmental exposure. Your experienced esthetician will select masks, serums and regenerative products specifically for your skin condition.

Signature Treatments

Our renowned signature spa treatments go beyond a sensual journey and are provided by our most experienced practitioners.


The Spa at Vail Mountain Lodge
Kate – Chicago, IL
Kate – Chicago, IL
Highlight of my trip to Vail

“My morning at the Vitality Center spa at Vail Mountain Lodge may have been the highlight of my trip. No, wait, it’s totally the highlight of my trip. I scheduled a Moor Remedy treatment for my first full day in Vail. The spa and locker room areas are beautiful. The view from the solarium (where you’ll relax before your treatment) is gorgeous. I could’ve just sat there drinking hot tea and reading the magazines for an hour.

The treatment itself was very relaxing and refreshing. Starting with exfoliating, then 20 minutes in a mud bath, and ending with an hour massage, it was a great morning. This isn’t the mud you’re thinking of, it’s not thick or gross. It’s Austrian mud that’s added to the water and isn’t thick or “muddy”. In fact, you don’t even have to rinse it off. After the treatment, when I was all relaxed and pliable I had a delicious lunch while watching the snow fall outside.


If you’re in Vail and you don’t go to the Spa at Vail Mountain Lodge you’re doing it wrong.”