Need a Cure For Sore Muscles?

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Need to recover from long, solid hours on the ski hill?  We have some ideas that will help!

Winter Activity Recovery Recommendations from the Vail Mountain Lodge & the Vail Vitality Center.

Many people travel to Vail from very different climates and lower elevations, and the effects that come with our dry, arid, high altitude environment can wreck havoc on the body. In fact, many local lodges and resorts now provide reminders and recommendations for guests prior to and during travel to the Vail Valley.

At Vail Mountain Lodge, we go one step further. Thanks to the expertise of our professionals at the on-site Vail Vitality Center, we offer a comprehensive winter activity recovery line-up for body and mind.

Our daily class schedule includes a variety of options for recovery, including:

  • Stretch and Recovery – guided stretching to relieve muscle soreness and pain
  • Restorative Yoga – a guided yoga practice that helps center the mind and body
  • Pilates Mat – movement to improve flexibility and reduce fatigue
  • Guided Meditation – a seated practice to help focus thoughts and relieve pain

The amenities available at the Vail Vitality Center are geared toward recovery, so you can get back on the slopes or the trail for more winter outdoor fun. Options include:

  • Sauna – to promote relaxation and detoxification
  • Steam room – for relief of sore muscles and joints
  • 42-Degree Cold Plunge – to improve circulation and reduce pain
  • Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tubs – for relaxation and pain relief

The Spa at the Vail Vitality Center specializes in treatments with purpose, and we offer many body treatment options for recovery – for all seasons – including:

  • Deep Tissue Recovery Massage – assists with chronic pain or persistent muscle tension
  • Magnesium Wellness Massage – promotes healthy muscle and nerve function, energy and sleep levels and overall well being
  • Scalp & Reflexology Massage – relieves tension and helps encourage balance
  • Thai Herbal Therapy – helps ease soreness, stiffness and inflammation

Don’t forget about your skin! Our dry climate can be extra-harsh on tender, exposed skin. Remember to treat your skin to a little therapy, too:

  • Hauschka Signature Facial – a one-of-a-kind stress lifter and glow promoter
  • Epicurean Custom Facial – unique skin care therapy that lifts, tightens and tones the skin

The Spa at the Vail Vitality Center also offers a variety of products designed to promote recovery and healing:

  • Magnesium Gel
  • Soaking Salts
  • Traumeel Muscle Soreness Relief
  • Arnica Oil

We encourage you to take advantage of our 2 Before 2 spa special: Complete two, 50-minute treatments or one, 100-minute treatment before 2 p.m. and receive 20% off, plus a complimentary lunch from Terra Bistro.

Indoor and outdoor adventure can be the highlight of your trip to Vail, so take care of yourself and ensure you can get back out there and discover another adventure tomorrow.

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