Oktoberfest in Vail and Lionshead Colorado

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Munich comes to Vail for the world’s greatest celebration of beer, music and autumn – Oktoberfest! The event will see two full weekends of blown-out Bavarian fun including the return of many crowd favorites like the Bratwurst Eating Contests and Keg Bowling. Emulating the age-old celebration known all over the world, Vail Oktoberfest™ delights guests with Hacker-Pschorr Beer, Bavarian music and dancing, traditional fare, yodeling, alpenhorn blowing, and much more.

The Vail Vitality Center is celebrating Oktoberfest in a big way with our own Stein Lifting Training Course.  The course has been completed but join us for the competition at both Vail and Lionshead Oktoberfest!

stein lifting competition in vail coloradoOne of the main events at Vail Oktoberfest™ is the Vail Vitality Center Stein Lifting competition and the Vail Vitality Center has created a program helping participants prepare, both physically and mentally. For three sessions leading up to the festivities, aspiring stein-holders can lift their game, one liter at a time.

The premise of the competition is easy enough: the person with enough stamina and willpower to hold a full stein of beer (without sipping) out from his or her body at shoulder level for the longest time is the winner. However, this is a more formidable feat than imagined as fatigue — and thirst — sets in.

The Vitality Center assists athletes in all disciplines reach their greatest potential, including hoisting Weisse. The Stein Lifting Training Course included three sessions. Each class was led by Vitality Center trainers consisting of 30 – 45 minutes of strength conditioning and core work designed to assist with the competition. Following each workout, participants move to a local restaurant for a practice preliminary stein lifting competition.

“We’re about balance at the Vail Vitality Center: body balance for mountain activities plus a social life balance by enjoying the company of friends. Event participants get an introduction to our trainers, for any future physical needs and meet new friends by doing something different and funny. It’s all fun and games! Meet People Beat People (in stein lifting) Plus you get some cool swag!” Katie Kukar

Winners of the final competition receive the largest prize and will have the opportunity to participate in the Vail Vitality Center Stein Lifting Competition at the Lionshead or Vail Village Vail Oktoberfest™.

Vail Oktoberfest™ takes place September 9 – 11 in Lionshead and September 16 – 18 in Vail Village. For more information about Vail Oktoberfest™ please visit www.vailoktoberfest.com.

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